Rotary Dryers

Continuous handling of powders and granules – Mitchell Rotary Dryers provide a means of continuously handling powders and granules. Rotary Dryers are divided into two main types dependent on whether direct or indirect heating is employed.


Dryers for heat sensitive material

Mitchell vacuum dryers are used where materials to be dried are heat sensitive or liable to oxidation. Solvents can readily be recovered by means of a simple condenser system.  These dryers can be supplied complete with heating system, vacuum pump, solvent condensor and service piping.


Rotary Calciners

Mitchell Rotary Calciners, or kilns, are very similar in design to rotary dryers, except that much higher temperatures are involved. Again these may be directly heated or indirectly, depending upon the specific application.

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Band Dryers

Band Dryers

Mitchell band dryers find wide application in drying food, chemical and mineral products, where drying is required on a continuous basis. Several configurations are available to suit the individual application.

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We are pleased to confirm the on 14th October 2016, the business of Mitchell Dryers was purchased by CAD Works Engineering Ltd.

CAD Works engineering have secured the relevant assets and employed the key employees of Mitchell Dryers which will enable them to continue to provide:

• Design and build of the extensive range of Mitchell Dryers products
• Servicing and spare parts for the all Mitchell Dryers products
• The use of the extensive test centre

The process of ensuring there is a seamless transfer of emails, telephones and completion of current orders is urgently being implemented, in the interim if you have any urgent queries or questions please use the following contacts:

• Phone – CAD Works Engineering Ltd 01228 674910
• Email –

Mitchell Dryers Limited is a privately owned Engineering Company originally founded in 1859.
The Company has specialised in the field of Industrial Drying for over 80 years and offers one of the widest ranges of drying equipment available. This experience, coupled with one of the most comprehensive ranges of test facilities in Europe, ensures that Mitchell Dryers are able to recommend the most suitable and efficient dryer for your needs.
The units manufactured at our works in Carlisle, England can be supplied to suit a wide variety of food, chemical, mineral and pharmaceutical materials in their many different physical forms on a batch or continuous basis from laboratory units evaporating a few kilos to large scale dryers capable of processing many tonnes per hour.
The Company has a worldwide reputation emanating from customers throughout Europe, North and South America, Middle East and the Far East.
All machines are manufactured to ISO 9001:2008 quality standards.
A division of Mitchell Dryers – Mitchell Mixers – manufactures and rebuilds a range of tangential rotor internal mixers covering laboratory equipment through to production mixers up to 620 litres chamber capacity for use in rubber and plastics industries.
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