What We Offer


Therm_SMThermo Venturi Dryers

The Mitchell Thermo-Venturi dryers (also known as Flash or Pneumatic dyer) are supplied for continuous drying of powders and granules which can be readily dispersed and conveyed in a hot air stream. [more] 

Rot_Cal_SMRotary Calciners:

Rotary Calciners,or kilns, are similar to rotary dryers but operate at much higher temperatures. As with rotary dryers these may be directly or indirectly heated.[more]


Stove_Cab_SMStoves and Cabinets:

Tray drying is often the most convenient and economical way to handle small or varied batches of materials. These relatively simple dryers have been developed over a number of years to give a high degree of efficiency with options such as humidity control and process sequencing. [more]


Con_Band_SMConveyor Band Dryers:

Band dryers find wide application in drying food,chemical and mineral products, where drying is required on a continuous basis. Several configurations are available to suit individual applications. [more] 

Steam_Tube_SMSteam Tube Rotary Dryers:

These are used for drying a range of materials from fine powders to large particulate solids and sludges. The Steam Tube Rotary dryer consists of an inclined rotating shell fitted internally with a large number of tubes through which a heating medium such as steam or hot oil is circulated. [more]

Fluid_Bed_Dry_Cool_SMFluid Bed Dryers and Coolers:

The Fluid Bed Dryer or Cooler operates on plug flow principal by supporting the material being processed on a stream of air at just below its fluidising velocity as it passes through the machine. Some materials not usually considered suitable for fluid bed processing can be handled by the Mitchell Fluid-Air Dryer which has the addition of a mechanical system to agitate the material bed during processing. [more]

Rot_Dry_Cool_SMRotary Dryers and Coolers:

These units provide a means of continuously handling powders and granules. Rotary dryers are divided into two main groups dependent on whether they are, in the case of dryer, directly or indirectly heated .Rotary coolers are classified by the use of air or water as a cooling medium.[more]

Vacuum_SMVacuum Dryers:

Vacuum dryers available as agitated pan, double cone, shelf or band dryers and are used where the materials to be dried are heat sensitive or liable to oxidisation. Solvents can be readily recovered by means of simple condenser systems. Toxic material can be processed without operator contact.[more]

Roll_Extr_SMRoller Extruders:

The Mitchell Roller Extruder can be used to preform sticky or paste like products in a noodle form to a conveyor band dryer.[more]