Fluid Bed Dryers


Fluid Bed Dryer

The Mitchell Fluid Bed Dryer is based upon the plug flow principal operating just below product fluidising velocity. Drying assisted by agitation of the product bed which not only reduces air velocity but also aids mixing of the bed and control of residence time.

Features of the Mitchell Fluid Bed Dryer:

bullet_point Inlet air temperatures up to 450c

bullet_point Bed Depths up to 300mm

bullet_point Agitated product bed optional

bullet_point Enhanced heat transfer

bullet_point Increased energy efficiency

bullet_point Even product treatment

bullet_point Mixing on the bed

bullet_point Low fines carry over

bullet_point Controlled residence time

bullet_point Easy clean

bullet_point Low Maintenance

bullet_point Reliable operation

bullet_point Large range of capacities

bullet_point Integral product cooling available

Applications: Foodstuffs; Pharmaceuticals; Chemicals and Minerals.