Roller Extruders

Mitchell Roller Extruder

Mitchell Roller Extruder

Mitchell Roller Extruders are supplied to provide a method of producing granules from a filter cake, such as kaolin and pigment. The filter cake is fed from above into the extruder chamber where it is forced through a perforated die plate by rotating rollers to form granules of equal diameter and similar length.

Mitchell Roller Extruders are predominantly used to enhance the drying process, generating a uniform product particle size which allows more even and efficient drying. They can be mounted above the feed end of a Conveyor Band Dryer or can discharge onto a conveyor for onward processing on other types of dryer or equipment. The Roller Extruder comes in a range of sizes to suit the required capacity.

In our Carlisle Test Centre we have pilot scale roller extruders which are available for development or confirmatory investigations.