Our team at Mitchell Dryers combine over 250 years of experience in engineering design and manufacturing.

This experience encompasses industrial drying and calcining as well as general engineering applications for our industry sectors across a worldwide customer base.

We have exported our products to over 100 countries globally, as indicated by the dark blue sections the map above.

Our History

A brief timeline of Mitchell Dryers over the past 250 years.


Mitchell Dryers' proud industrial heritage can be traced back to 1768 when the Blaylock family of clockmakers established their business in Longtown, north of Carlisle, Cumbria. A succession of moves followed; firstly, to Rickergate in Carlisle and then to Scotch Street.


John Blaylock bought an old chapel on Annetwell Street, near the southern bailey of Carlisle Castle and went on to convert this into a workshop for the manufacture of ticket date presses under a patent by Thomas Edmondson, inventor of the ticketing system.


Blaylock leased the site of a burned-out textile mill on Long Island, Carlisle and built the Long Island Iron Works. Blaylock is listed in the 1851 census as 'Engineer and Founder', employing 40 men.


Expansion continued and in 1859 Blaylock formed a partnership with William Pratchitt of Bolton.


With the expiry of the lease at Long Island, the company - now named Blaylock & Pratchitt - moved once more to the Denton Holme Iron Works. This was its home until 2018 and still houses our Test Centre to this day.


In 1877 John Blaylock passed away. Prior to this, Mr Pratchitt's younger brother had joined the company and it became known as Pratchitt, Blaylock & Pratchitt. Following Blaylock's death, the company became Pratchitt Brothers. They began to manufacture agricultural equipment, railway equipment, steam engines, and grinding mills.


Clocks bearing John Blaylock's name ceased production.


Pratchitt Brothers becomes a Limited Company.


Mr. L. A. Mitchell becomes Chairman and Managing Director on attaining major shareholding. The company becomes the Mitchell Group of Companies encompassing L. A. Mitchell Ltd., Pratchitt Brothers Ltd., Mitchell Craig Pumps Ltd., and Metal Propellers Ltd. The company now has a Dryers Division, Pumps, Mixer, and Chemical Plant Division.


Whitehall Securities purchases the Mitchell Group of Companies.


APV acquires the Mitchell Group and becomes known as APV Mitchell Dryers and then APV Pasilac.


CAD Works Engineering was formed by Paul McVittle, a former apprentice of Mitchell Dryers; a close working relationship develops between the two companies.


APV Pasilac is bought by the Morton Machine Company - part of the Lödige Group and becomes Mitchell Dryers Ltd.


Ownership is transferred to Lödige (UK) Ltd.


The company is bought by the management team. The name remains Mitchell Dryers Ltd.


Mitchell Dryers becomes part of CAD Works Engineering Ltd. Manufacturing and assembly continued at the Denton Holme site until late 2018.


CAD Works moves to its new premises at Kingmoor Park South, Carlisle.


Kingmoor Park Holdings acquires the company forming Mitchell Dryers (Kingmoor) Ltd.