Band Dryers

Mitchell Dryers’ band dryers find wide application in drying food, chemical, and mineral products, where drying is required on a continuous basis. Several configurations are available to suit the individual application.

Drying is affected by the circulation of hot air through a bed of material as it is carried through the dryer on a conveyor band. The drying enclosure is divided into a number of drying sections, each including an air heater and circulating fan together with fresh air inlet and exhaust facilities.

All our dryers are of modular design to optimise drying efficiency, give precise temperature control in each zone, reduce installation time, and to facilitate future extensions.

Our range of conveyor band dryers are specifically designed to suit the application and allow for the industry’s requirements for hygiene, accessibility, and efficiency.

Our range of band dryers include: single-pass, single-pass-multi-stage, and multi-pass band dryers.

Drying efficiency is maximised by the use of:

  • upwards/downwards airflow
  • double skin insulated panels
  • effective sealing of dryer enclosure
  • even air distribution
  • variable speed conveyor drives
  • air recycle

Continuous conveyorised band coolers, air jet conveyor band dryers, and continuous tempering are also available.

Our dryers combine hygienic design with good access for cleaning and maintenance. Features include:

  • stainless steel contact parts
  • access doors on each side of a drying section
  • minimum interior crevices/ledges
  • combined static and moving guide rails for maximum product retention
  • product transfer points fitted with discharge chutes for minimum spillage
  • internal/external construction to suit client specification
  • clean line external appearance with self-draining services
  • internal/external finish to suit client specification

Heating systems can be either steam, gas, oil (indirect) or electric.

Feed systems available include: oscillating belt, oscillating rake, vibratory and apron feeders. Granulators and extruders can also be incorporated.

Special features can be incorporated to suit applications:

  • integral or separate cooling section to suit product temperature
  • continuous collection of fines
  • explosion venting
  • heat recovery
  • exhaust air clean up
  • band cleaning brushes – wet or dry
  • band scrapers
  • band wash or full C.I.P
  • modular control panels pre-wired for installation

For further information or to discuss your requirements please contact our team.