Stoves and Cabinets

Economic batch drying for small quantities of material
Tray drying is often the most convenient and economical way to handle small or varied batches of materials. These dryers have been developed to give a high degree of efficiency with additional options such as humidity control and process sequencing.

These units offer a range of capacities from 3.3m to 240m total tray surface area. Trays of wet material are loaded directly into the cabinet dryers which cover the smaller range of capacities.

At the other end of the scale, drying stoves are designed to accommodate wheeled trucks which are loaded with the trays of wet material.

Drying is affected by recirculation of hot air, the heat input being from steam or electricity.

Virtually any type of material capable of being loaded onto trays can be handled. Dryers are both for industrial and hygienic operation.

Drum Pre-Warming Ovens
Solidified resins and waxes can be conditioned in drum pre-warming ovens. Based on the well proven “Mitchell” drying stove, these units are of robust construction, comprising a rigid welded steel framework, clad with thermal insulating panels of double thickness galvanised mild steel. A controlled circulation of warm air is maintained within the enclosure. Double doors are provided at one end allowing complete access to the heated compartment.

Various sizes and arrangements of the oven are available to suit specific requirements and the specification can be varied according to the application. Where required for organic materials, these can be supplied with ATX certification.

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